LGM Industries was engaged by ThyssenKrupp for the supply and fabrication of the Discharge Hood and Maintenance Ramp which was to be supplied for the South32 Worsley Alumina Collie plant in Western Australia.




The scope of work for this project included the supply and fabrication of the:

  • Kiln Discharge Hood (front/top and bottom section, including the collar segments, slip ring and beam above the door).
  • Sliding door component (fully assembled, including the locking mechanism, RUD lugs and inspection ports).
  • Collar segments (3x parts).
  • Sealing ring arrangement (consisting of 3x sections, special wear plates and rope seal).
  • Maintenance ramp.
  • Ramp support beams x2 for maintenance and clamping brackets.
  • External Structure parts as required (as per specifications).

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