LGM Industries was engaged to carry out the supply and fabrication required for the replacement of the Fluidised Furnace (21m H x 6m D) as part of the Calcination Overhaul strategy. The scope of work for this project was separated into 7 projects.


Project 1 – Furnace (62 Tonne Platework)

  • Furnace in three sections.
  • Door plugs.
  • Primary air ducts.
  • Recycle cyclone pup spools.
  • Spiders structure.
  • Refractory anchors.
  • Overhead protection nozzles as part of the furnace.
  • Nozzle plugs.

Project 2 – Ring Main (16 Tonne Ductwork)

  • Elbows and supports for the ring.
  • Temporary supporting structure.
  • Refractory anchors.

Project 3 – Feed Ducts (3 Tonne Ductwork)

  • Feed duct sections.
  • Refractory anchors.

Project 4 – Structural Frame and Modes for Jacking Section (4 Tonne Structural)

  • Structural frame.
  • Furnace guides.

Project 5 – Temporary Structure (9 Tonne Structural)

  • Frame supporting section 1 of the furnace.
  • Transportation cradle.

Project 6 – Seal Pot Assembly Supports (5 Tonne Platework)

  • Supporting legs for sealpot.

Project 7 – Sun Deck Frames (4 Tonne Structural)

  • Sun deck frames.




Project requirements included:

  • Supply of all materials and consumables required in the fabrication. 253 MA is an austenitic, chromium-nickel stainless steel alloyed with nitrogen and reactive elements, and is suitable for a wide range of high-temperature applications, such as furnaces.
  • Develop shop detail drawings.
  • Due to critical dimensions and alignments for site installation, the fabrication tolerances were monitored throughout the fabrication process. This was carried out by 3D scanning of the fabricated product and comparing against the 3D model.
  • The installation of refractory anchors or anchor cleats.
  • Surface preparation and painting.
  • Delivery of the oversize segments to site including all required permits and escort requirements.

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