We live by the LGM Values which has led to our reputation as a tight-knit, supportive and committed team of people who want to be known for exceeding the expectations of our clients. We know that our collective behaviour is our brand, so our focus is on nurturing and developing this through all levels of the business.



“LGM has a huge variety of different work. They can teach you a lot of different things, get exposure to all the different sites, work out what you want to do and what part of the trade you want to go into. I’m happy I made the move to LGM, I feel more confident doing my work and I doubt myself less. I reckon the future’s looking bright with LGM.”


Leading Hand Rigger

“Working with LGM I get to go home every night which is important when you have a young family at home. I get to work with a great bunch of guys, our crew is pretty much a bunch of mates. There is definitely a lot of pride at LGM, everyone is happy to speak up and look out for each other, and we just want to do the best that we possibly can. I really enjoy working at LGM, there is always room to grow and progress in your role here and you get to go home every night. I can’t ask for too much more.”



“I like to keep learning and keep growing and I’ve had that opportunity here at LGM as I’ve come from a TA and now I’m a Leading Hand. If someone was looking to come to the company, I’d say come across. We’ve got all different ranges of work styles, locations and rosters.”


QA/QC Coordinator

“I like working at LGM because of the people, its family friendly and close to home, and it’s a good work life balance. We get offered multiple courses, training and there are opportunities to progress with the company. LGM gives us great support, they are always there to help us out and give us what we need.”



“In 2017 I started on here as a Boilermaker Welder in the workshop. I spent about a year in there before progressing out onto the site crews and slowly working my way up to a Leading Hand position followed by a Team Leader. 12 months ago I became a full-fledged Supervisor so now I get to run my own little crew and projects which is very exciting.”



“LGM is a good company to work for, they are family orientated and community based. I started in 2017 at the old workshop, it’s been a pleasure working for them. There is a lot of opportunities at LGM, you can work yourself up, and it’s a rewarding job. They give you the opportunity to work in the workshop or you can go on site, they are very flexible, so for me it suits my needs. I love working for LGM, they are a good company with a safe working environment.”



“LGM offers a couple of apprenticeships every year for Boilermaker Welders as well as upskilling trade skills and tickets if they need. There is a lot of promotion from within at LGM, myself included. Very big on getting our people to a level if they want to be there.”



“LGM is close to home for me and close to town. I did work experience here for 2 years through school, before starting my apprenticeship, where I learnt that this would be a good place for me to learn a lot of different types of work. Here I’ve had the opportunity to work on pipework, stainless and structural, and I’ve also been able to go out on site which has been good. LGM is a great place to work, I’ve got my mates here, its good fun having a laugh with the team, getting dirty with the jobs that we do and it’s always a good time.”



“I like the variety of work that we do in the workshop. We don’t tend to do the same thing over and over again. We do a lot of varied big projects, and we do lots of little projects. I love working at LGM for the growth that I’ve been given, also because I love being home every night. I love the flexibility as well and the people that I work with. If someone was looking to apply for LGM, I would strongly recommend it.”