LGM Industries was engaged to fabricate the Classifier Feed Tank.

South32 Worsley Alumina raised a new project to redesign and replace Mill 4 Classifier (Classy) Tank. The Classifier Feed Tank is fabricated from Carbon Steel with Bisalloy 360 liners installed in one cone quadrant and one on one vertical face for wear resistance.



This scope of work for this project included:

The Classifier Feed Tank:

  • The fabrication and installation of one conical (quadrant) wear liner and one triangular (vertical) wear liner.
  • The fabrication of one deflector arrangement complete and one scats chute.
  • The fabrication and installation of four external lifting lugs in grade 350 plate.
  • The fabrication of two bolted support covers.
  • The fabrication and supply of all fasteners, gaskets and eight shim sets.
  • The fabrication of two support crosses – all materials were required to be carbon steel grade 250/350.

The Distribution Pot which included the fabrication of:

  • One mixing pot.
  • One bottom flange c/w fork tynes guides.
  • One hinged access door.

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