LGM Industries was engaged to replace the Acid Start Up Tank roof and top strake sections from stainless steel. Inspections showed evidence of corrosion to the tank roof. The tank has a capacity of 190,000L (6.6m D x 5.6m H).



This scope of work for this project included:

  • Redesigned to API653 and detailed drawings.
  • Material selection from 1.4306 – 304L. Due to the slightly higher chromium and notably higher nickel content 1.4306 – 304L is more corrosion resistant than 1.4307 – 304L.
  • Materials as well as the material in welded condition was required to comply with the Huey-test according to ISO 3651-1 or ASTM A 262 practice C.
  • Fabrication of a new replacement roof section, top strake and a new overflow pipe from our LGM facilities.
  • NDT testing requirements in accordance with API653.
  • Oversized transportation of the tank to site in one section.
  • Removal of pipes, structure, valves and the tank roof during the full plant shutdown.
  • Install the newly fabricated tank section, test and then reinstate the top tank structure, piping and process equipment.
  • Hydrotesting carried out on site.

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