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LGM Industries were engaged by South32 Worsley Alumina to construct a new operational area adjacent to the affected facility, approximately 50 metres by 30 metres, including the supply and installation of pipework, pipe supports and ancillary equipment. Pumps and structural steelwork were supplied by Worsley Alumina and installed by LGM.

The new facility was constructed while the plant was still operational. Worsley Alumina’s requirements meant the project timeline was compressed and LGM’s agility, reactiveness and ability to work to a high standard and tight schedule was a significant asset to the project. One example of how LGM was able to facilitate the client’s requirements was to action the piping and structural works concurrently with the associated engineering design work to shorten the projects critical path.

This project required installation of:

  • 5 x 930 kW and 2 x 1120 kW new motor and pump assemblies, pumping clear filtrate, on the newly installed concrete pad and pump bases; and
  • over 600m of suction and discharge piping and valves.

LGM mobilised a crew of 30 at the project’s peak, with most personnel being engaged by LGM on an ongoing basis, local to the region and with previous experience working at the Worsley Alumina Refinery.

Each of the existing pumps was shut down and decommissioned sequentially over a 3-month period, allowing for flow paths to be adjusted. This resulted in zero loss of production capacity and minimising operational impact.

The project also required decommissioning of each pump and removal of redundant piping, so that new suction and discharge piping could be installed to commission the new replacement motor and pump assembly.

Once the seventh and final pump migration was completed, LGM completed demolition of the remaining redundant piping and structural steel, completing this phase of the remediation project. LGM was on site for nine months, working in and around the operating plant. LGM completed the project with zero significant incidents in over 50,000 hours worked.

Worsley Alumina’s Capital Works Superintendent Shaun Kennedy, extended a big thank you to all at LGM involved in the business critical FAC035 Area 3 Caustic Heave Project. He said there had been many outstanding efforts and contributions and the new pumping facility looks awesome.

Mechanical Remediation – South32 Worsley Alumina

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