IQ looks at cognitive intelligence, EQ looks at emotional intelligence, and SQ looks at spiritual acumen. Sense making and reasoning are not entirely cerebral (IQ), we think with our heads but also our emotions and bodies (EQ) and our pursuits, endeavours, hopes, our sense of meaning and value (SQ).

A ‘happy marriage’ between IQ, EQ and SQ is required to:

  • thrive and survive in uncertainty,
  • deal creatively with rapid change, and
  • realize the full potential of those around us.

Spirituality increases potential to harness intuition and ‘gut feelings’. Besides being self-aware, SQ also increases the capacity to become aware of problems in bigger social settings, particularly with workplace peers and subordinates. It also increases humbleness, reduces selfishness and binary viewpoints, which helps us from being negatively impacted by the neurobiological need to fight for social status.

A spiritual revival is sweeping across the corporate world, companies including Ford, Nike and Boeing, are now placing emphasis on SQ in addition to IQ and EQ.

The LGM leadership team have invested in long term learning with Corporate Sherpas to enhance their leadership. Meeting monthly to learn, explore and at times unlearn what is not serving them and the organisation. Our leaders practice tools built on psychological, neuroscientific and behavioural economics research, to strengthen our capacity to achieve project outcomes on time, budget and safely.

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