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When Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mt Everest in 1953, he was celebrated as the first man to reach the lofty goal; what many don’t know is that he had a Sherpa (guide) with him named Tenzing Norgay.


Corporate Sherpas are experts in human behavior, who combine neuroscience, organisational psychology and behavioural economics to design and deliver leadership programs. The approach differs from other professional development programs, aligning with the natural tendencies of the brain. This helps leaders make effective, lasting behavioural changes over time.


Corporate Sherpas are working with LGM Industries senior management and supervisors to support LGM to build ‘social capital’. Social capital is the reliance and interdependency that builds trust in a team, which is required for peak performance.


Our time with Corporate Sherpas has enhanced how LGM embraces challenges, particularly adapative challenges (challenges between people). As technically minded problem solvers, often our teams were most comfortable solving practical problems, however guided by Corporate Sherpas people and positive interactions are our priority.


We understand what happens between people really counts. Ideas flow and grow best in groups that are highly attuned and sensitive to each other. From the social science of leadership, we recognise ‘helpfulness’ is the core of successful teams, and it routinely outperforms individual intelligence.