Corporate Message: May 2021

Home Corporate Message: May 2021

As an organisation, we seek opportunities to apply our skills and systems to new, complex, and dynamic projects throughout Western Australia. We strive to be the best we can be, with professional growth at the forefront of our organisation.


Last edition, I spoke about appreciation, community, our people and what drives us to succeed. This month, I would like to focus on our growth and commitment to continual improvement.


To grow we must embrace change, new challenges and the learnings that accompany them. When reflecting on the past, it is enticing to skip over the learnings and focus instead on the end result – but we must resist that urge – it is in those learnings that the path to continual improvement is found.


Put simply, it is a choice every day, to be better than the day before. At LGM, we take the time to reflect and recognise what can be improved and are committed to implementing that change. This is something I ask of every member of the LGM team, even more so when a situation demands a lot from each of us, to achieve the task ahead.


In late April, we lifted the first of two storage tanks into location at Yara Pilbara Nitrates in Karratha. Was this a process without difficulties? Certainly not, it was a demanding period for everyone involved in the construction of the tank and the lift. As a team, we had to pull together, be accountable and adaptable to achieve the desired result.


The completion of the first tank was a major milestone and I am proud of what LGM delivered. What I am even more pleased to see, is the growth in our team and the improvements in our systems. It is clear we have taken many learnings onboard from our experiences, which are now being applied as our focus turns to the second tank. These marked improvements are a credit to our team and everyone’s dedication to their professional development.


I look forward to reflecting on this project again after the completion of both tanks. I am confident that our team will have a deeper appreciation of their own achievements, over the duration of the project, truly recognising their professional growth and improved adaptability – as individuals and as a team.


David Kaestner